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Open Space, Sport and Recreation

    All Councils are required to consider the need for indoor and outdoor sports facilities, parks and green space, playing pitches and children's play provision. An Open Space, Sport and Recreation Assessment Update study 2013 has been produced, which analyses and assesses the current provision of open space, sport and recreation facilities and looks at the need for new or improved spaces. The update study partly draws on evidence and data collected as part of the 2009 PPG17 Assessment and Open Space Sport and Recreation Study, its Appendices and Maps.

    In relation to sport, a new report was commissioned which has resulted in the production of a Playing Pitch Strategy and an Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy. This work replaces the previous sport element within the Open Space, Sport and Recreation and Assessment Update study 2013.   Both of these strategies are supported by the following assessment reports Sports Facilities Strategy: Assessment Report and Playing Pitch Strategy: Assessment Report.

    A Green Infrastructure, Green Space and Sport and Recreation Provision Strategy, has also been produced. This document draws links between the Open Space, Sport and Recreation Assessment Update study 2013 and the Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan.

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