Town Twinning

    Dreieich, Germany

    Stafford's twinning link with Dreieich is the oldest, formed in 1981. Dreieich is a small, residential area set in pleasant countryside a few miles south of Frankfurt.

    Tarragona, Spain

    Tarragona is situated on the Mediterranean coast in the southern most part of the Catalan provinces in north-east Spain. The city has many Roman features and was twinned in 1990.

    Belfort, France

    Belfort is famous for a giant lion statue, designed by Bartholdi, responsible also for the Statue of Liberty. The city is located in north-east France, in the Franche-Comte region and was twinned with Stafford in July, 1999.

    Stafford, Virginia, USA

    A friendship link with Stafford County was formed in 1994. The area has historical associations with George Washington and the American Civil War. Washington D.C. is only an hour away.

    Skarzysko - Kamienna, Poland

    The town of Skarzysko is situated in south-central Poland on the main route which links Krakow and Warsaw and is famous for a large, traditional chapel. A link was formed in 1992.

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