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About Stafford Borough Council

    Stafford Borough Council is a small authority with big ambitions.

    We are modernising services and delivering better value-for-money for our 131,000 residents.

    We believe in dealing with the demands all authorities face by innovating rather than cutting. We are only interested in improving, sharing services if it makes sense to do so, but remaining staunchly dedicated to localism and tailoring what we do to the communities we serve.

    We are recognised as a regional beacon of excellence, and that is largely down to our staff.

    For example, our Operations Department has the Customer Service Excellence Award – a rare accolade for a service that delivers a broad swathe of services including environmental health, housing and homelessness, health promotion and wellbeing, waste management and recycling, regulatory services, licensing and the StreetScene functions.

    We believe in delivering quality services, when people need them, giving people information that is useful and accurate, and using feedback from local people to make improvements.

    We are adding vibrancy to a borough that includes the county town of Stafford, the market town of Stone and a patchwork of villages that sit between Birmingham and Manchester.

    We’ve attracted major investment. Our riverside Civic Centre sits next to a new £70 million retail development featuring big name brands. And we are also undertaking a huge investment in leisure facilities for Stone. Just a couple of examples of how we are ensuring the borough thrives.

    We want the best people to join our dynamic, talented and enthusiastic team that is committed to maintaining that forward momentum.

    A to Z of Services