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Community Awards

    Community Awards

    Applications for the Community Awards 2018 have now closed. 

    This award scheme is run by Stafford Borough Council and is open to any individual and organisation able to demonstrate that they have improved community wellbeing within the last 12 months.

    To enter, organisations and individuals should be based within Stafford Borough and all projects should take place within the Borough.

    An individual or organisation can submit only one entry.  If an organisation or individual is involved in additional projects in partnership with others, a different organisation must be named as the submitting body.  Entries must describe projects or activities that have been implemented within the last 12 months, they should be well presented, clear and comprehensive.


    Inspiring Individual (under 18)
    Open to any individual

    Inspiring Individual (18 and 0ver)
    Open to any individual

    Action in the Community
    Open to community groups, voluntary sector organisations and community interest companies

    Youth and Education
    Open to all education and youth groups

    Open to any public or private sector organisation

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