Walton-on-the-Hill to Brocton Doorstep Walk

Length of walk: Approx 5 miles

Duration of walk: Approx 2-4 hours

Good place to start: Shops by Barnfields Primary School, Cannock Road

Notes: Take care down lanes

  1. Leave the stores car park and cross the A34 Cannock Road. Turn right towards Cannock and then left into Bridle Road. This starts as a tarmac road with two pavements, but at the top of the hill it becomes a track and bears right. Continue along the track.
  2. When you reach the next road, carefully cross it and make for Silvester Way. Continue along this road passing Oakridge Primary School.
  3. At the next T-junction turn right, then take the footpath on the left between the playing fields of Walton High School. Then turn right into Old Croft Road and follow this lane until you see a bridleway on your left. Turn left along the bridleway and follow it past Brocton Golf Club. Eventually, you will reach another road at the entrance to the Golf Club.
  4. Turn left along the road, and after passing a converted barn, turn right over a stile and cross a bridge. Take the path beside Oldacre Brook, once again bearing left.
  5. Eventually you will reach Oldacre Lane. Turn left and follow the quiet lane until the village green in Brocton is seen.
  6. Another left turn at the T-junction brings you quickly to the village green. Go right here, following Pool Lane.
  7. When you reach Brook Lane, turn right and very soon left again. Follow the track and turn left again, to return to the main road through the village.
  8. Turn right along the road after crossing it carefully. When you reach the footpath sign on the left at Brocton Lodge (Lodge Gardens), follow the hidden sign. This leads you along the edge of a field to a T-junction of paths. Go to your right here.
  9. This track soon becomes a tarmac lane and brings you to a footpath, on the left. Follow this path across the field and over the brow of the hill and drop down to a gate and a few steps.
  10. Continue along this path, over the stile and up the edge of two fields and follow the track into the village of Walton-on-the-Hill. When you reach the tarmac road turn left along Cedar Way, passing Berkswich Primary School.
  11. Continue to the end of Cedar Way - do not follow the road round into Elm Avenue. Take the footpath in the corner on your right and follow it all the way until you reach the bridleway you followed on your outward journey. Turn right and retrace your steps back to the starting point.

If you notice any changes with the walk, please make a note of the number and what the change is and email it over to us so we can make sure the directions are up to date.

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