New Stafford Borough Local Plan 2020-2040

    Our Council is now consulting on the Issues and Options document (pdf 9.3mb) and an Addendum (pdf 263kb) update, which considers, in detail, the range of issues facing Stafford Borough and how, through a new strategic policy framework, they might be addressed. Included are the levels of housing and employment land development required over the next 20 years, and how this provision might be distributed across the Borough. Some options include the potential for one or more new garden communities / major urban extensions. Additional topics include climate change, the economy, housing, transport, viability, health and wellbeing, and the environment of the Borough.

    The consultation will run from Monday 3 February until 12 noon Tuesday 21 April 2020.  You can provide a response using the e-consultation form.

    Please note: As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the challenge this has presented to those finalising responses to the New Local Plan 2020-2040 Issues and Options consultation, the Borough Council has decided to extend the deadline from 12 noon on Tuesday 31 March 2020 until 12 noon on Tuesday 21 April 2020, which also takes account of the Easter holiday break. This extended deadline will not impact on the New Local Plan timetable detailed in the latest Local Development Scheme.

    There are a range of documentation and information to support this consultation, please see below:-

    Associated Documents

    The current Plan for Stafford Borough 2011-2031

    The planning policy framework for Stafford Borough is currently provided by the following adopted documents:

    Neighbourhood Plans

    Further details on the current Local Plan and its supporting information can be found on our Plan for Stafford Borough webpage.

    Preparing the New Stafford Borough Local Plan 2020-2040

    The new Stafford Borough Local Plan 2020-2040, when completed, will update and replace the Plan currently in use. It will include policies for the development and protection of land and site allocations for new development, or for the re-development of existing buildings. The Local Development Scheme sets out the timetable of activity, that may be updated as the plan progresses, and a Statement of Community Involvement sets out how, when and with whom we consult when preparing the new Stafford Borough Local Plan and associated policy documents.

    The Council carried out  its Local Plan Review in July 2017 when a consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report took place. This was then followed, in July 2018, by consultations on the “New Local Plan - Scoping the Issues” and “New Local Plan – Settlement Assessment” documents.  Details of these and other Local Plan related consultations can be found on our Forward Planning Consultations webpage. 

    The detailed evidence base studies being gathered for the emerging new Stafford Borough Local Plan 2020-2040 are set out on the Local Plan Evidence webpage.

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    If you have any comments or questions on the Local Plan, or if you wish to be added to our list of contacts to be kept informed of future progress on the Local Plan, please contact us:


    Tel: 01785 619000

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